Default PR price as PO price

PO price  is defaulted in PR based on the price update indicator in PR. This indicator can be set

1. Manully while creating purchase requisition

2. Defaulted in PR based on User default setting

3. Based on buyer profile in the configuration , where based on the profile assigned to the buyer system can default or restrict copying price from the purchase requisition

4. Using enhancements to standard solution


1. Manuallly while creating purchase requisition

At the item level PO price copy action can be set. if its set to copy the price can be copied to PO , based on the authorization profile set for the buyer. 

If this indicator is to be set by default , modify the personal Setting to include this indicator


3. Even with above mentioned setting , price may not be transfered if the buyers profile  assigned to the buyer doesnt allow price transfer. Authorization function group can be assigned to the users using paramer EFB (Tcode : SU3) . Authorization group is created using Tcode :OMET and assigned to the user as parameter. 

The functional authorization group defined in OMET controls the price transfer process.


Note : 

FieldSelCtrlRel : Based on the field selection key assigned , the user authorization for Purchase requisition is controlled.

FieldSel : Based on the field selection key maintained ,  the user authorization for PO is controlled.

Eg : If a particular set of buyers should have display authorization for PR then a new Functional authorization with FielSelCtrlRel set to display "AKTA" can be assinged as a parameter ID to the user. With this Funtional authorization assigned as a parameter : EFB , the user can only have display access to PR.


4. Enhancements:

The PR created by integrating system like SD , PS will always create PR's with PO Price Key set to "Do not Copy' . (* Note : User defaults will work only when the document is created real time.)

If these PR's have to be converted to PO manually , then the PO Price indicator should be set using BAPI_REQUISITION_CHANGE , Field : PO_PRICE



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