Option for defaulting delivery address in purchasing Documents

Enhancement : MMDA0001, can be used for defaulting delivery address in purchasing documents if the logic for determining delivery address in different from stand which Plant / Storage Loc combination.

Standard Documentation.

The enhancement MMDA0001 facilitates the determination of customers' own
default delivery addresses in purchasing documents. In the standard
system, the delivery address is determined via the combination
plant/storage location. If no storage location address is maintained,
the plant address is suggested.

Function exit EXIT_SAPLMMDA_001 allows you to

o   choose one storage location address from several existing ones

o   suggest an address that differs from the storage location address
    (e.g. an address from the delivery address pool, which you will find
    in the Purchasing menu under Master data -> Delivery addresses)

The fields of the communication structure CMMDA are available to you as
data. You will normally have to extend the structure by adding a
customer-specific append structure containing the fields required for
address determination purposes.


 As a rule, you wish to use the storage location address. However,
 materials belonging to material group '4711' are to be delivered to a
 special address which is stored in the address pool under the number

 1.  First you define an append structure ZZCMMDA for the structure CMMDA
     via the ABAP dictionary and include in it the field MATKL (material
     group, data element MATKL).
     The field is supplied by the program via the statement
     MOVE-CORRESPONDING from the corresponding field in the purchasing
     document item.

 2.  After this you can create the INCLUDE program ZXM06U32 and fill it
     with the following lines of coding:

     IF I_CMMDA-MATKL EQ '4711'.
        E_ADRNR = '0000000123'.




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