Understanding Budget and Release process

CJ32 : Budget Release Screen


1 : Release : Amount to be be released from current available budget. This value cannot exceed the available budget.

2. Current Budget : Budget allocated for this WBS

3. Distributed : Sum of Budgets of lower WBS

4. Distributable = Difference between Release - Distributed

5. Assigned : Sum of actual cost booked  / Commitments + Networks assigned.




SAP Help Documentation.

  • Budgeting: Internal orders (CO-OPA), Capital investment program (IM), Project System (PS), Funds Management (FI-FM).
    • Current budget consists of the original budget, supplements, returns and transfers. It may also include other budget types.
    • Distributed budget for the object selected and for the period displayed (IM, PS, FI-FM). The distributed value results from the current budget for subordinate objects.
    • Distributable budget (IM, PS, FI-FM). The distributable value is the difference between the current budget and the distributed value.
    • Assigned consists of commitment and actual postings. In PS, it also includes plan values of assigned networks and orders. For detailed information about calculating assigned values for active availability control, you should refer to the documentation.
    • Plan total (IM, PS, CO-OPA) is the annual or overall plan value. It may include existing values from unit costing or cost element planning. In the cost planning of projects, the plan total also includes the plan total for all orders and networks assigned to the chosen WBS element and those subordinate to it.
    • Previous year is the value of the current budget for the previous year.
    • Cumulative is the value of the current annual budget.
    • Remainder is the difference between the current overall budget and cumulative.
    • Releases (FI-FM, PS) is the value of the released current budget.
    • Cost center accounting (FI-FM) is the part of the distributable budget that is managed in Funds and Position Management (HR-FPM) component.



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