Version Management and Simulation project in Project Systems

The following versions are available in the Project System:

  • Plan versions A plan version is created in accounting and stores different cost plans for a project, such as an "optimistic" and a "pessimistic" plan.

  • Project versions A project version is created for operative structures or in the information system and captures the state of a project at a certain point in time or with a certain status.

  • Selection versions

    A selection version is used only in the information system for processing in the background and saves project data matching certain selection criteria for retrieval.

  • Simulation versions


Simulation Versions in SAP PS:

Simulation versions can be created during execution of project or during planning phase to simuate the project cost without affecting the operative project. Simulation version hellps in simulating the cost component without having to bother about the availability and budget check controls.

Once the simulation is complete , this can be imported into operative project structure.

CJV4 : is used for transferring project from operative to simulation or version 


Technical Details

Simulation versions are saved in a separate table from the operation versions.

VSCAUFV_CN : Network


Other tables can be checked by searching for VS*



  • Cost calculation in the simulated version do not affect budget and availability check.



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