Configuring Invoicing List

Invoice list can be generated after billing document is generated


Pre Requisitie for Invoice List

1. Customer master --> Sales Area --> Billiling Documents : Invoice date and invoice list date to be maintained


Steps for creating a invoicing list


1. Create Sales order against customer with Invoice date / Invoice list date set in customer

2. Create Billing Document and post accounting Document

3. Create Invoice list using Tcode : VF21. VF24 Can be used for generating invoice list using Worklist





  1. Pricing procedure is not assigned to Invoice list document type , rather the pricing procedure used in billing document will be reffered to in Invoice list and value maintained in condition type RL00 , MW15 will be displayed in Invoice list 
  2. Accounting documetn will be generated during releasing of invoice list only when there is change in pricing condition due to additional discount or tax implications
  3. Pricing condition used for invoice list (RL00..) is identified using a special indicator. In case new condition types to be added copy RL00



SDN Documentation :



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