Mutual Fund Manager

Mutual fund manager is a online reporting tool for monitoring your mutual fund's returns especially if your investments are diversified across multiple schemes and AMC. AMC companies manage thier our portals , but with diversification across AMC's it would be difficult for the investers to review and analyse performance.

Using our online tool investors can review the performance on a daily basis , and make intellegent investment decisions like to Add more or hold. This tool will be handy for SIP investors in specific.

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Quick Startup Guide

  • 1. Create Account : Create a new login account in our portal.
  • 2. Create Portfolio : Create a new portfolio for tracking investments. Eg : Long term Portfolio , Debt Portfolio
  • 3. Add Mutual Fund Scheme to Portfolio : Add mutual fund scheme to the portfolio.
  • Note

    Scheme NAV's are updated on a daily basis

    Only mutual funds registered with AMFI can be managed using this portal

    NAV for the schemes are available only from 1st of April 2019. When new scheme is added to portfolio , units purchased before 31 March 2019 should be maintained as cut off units

    Returns are calculated using following logic : XIRR for SIP investments , CAGR for Lumpsum investment greater than year , Annualized return for less than 1 year